in 365 days

#365, fin

20120714-225021.jpgThis project was definitely about the journey and not the destination. Just like my experience of climbing Mountain Whitney and getting to the summit. Lets enjoy each day for what it is and the rest it will work its way out.

  1. Elisa says: July 14, 201211:40 pm

    What a beautiful end to an epic project. It makes me sentimental to think of everything that has occurred in the last 365 days. Thank you Hector for sharing these pieces of yourself with the world.

  2. Bob K says: July 30, 20125:10 pm

    Goddam boy! Ya did it! Kudos to you my friend. I have been following all your postings since you told me about your little project. In the famous words of Flat Nose Curry (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid), “I was rootin’ for ya all along Butch.”
    Let’s get together. I owe you a little celebratory dinner.
    Call or email.

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