in 365 days

Hector Santizo, a visual artist from Los Angeles, creates art with a kaleidoscope of abstract geometric shapes, photography, subtle colors and light.

As a boy growing up in Guatemala during the 1970s and 80s, Hector was fascinated with the ability to communicate anonymously with random people through walkie talkies and CB radio frequency. He would turn music on his transistor radio and broadcast this to his various listeners.

In 365 days, the result of a number of sleepless nights, is a window into his subconscious world that challenges the limits of two dimensional space. His blog, like his transistor radio, sends out its own message of joy in the abstract, pleasure in the fantastical and love for life.

In his process of making sense of the world around him, he introduces us to his unique language of lines, colors and textures. Planes, automobiles and power lines become as organic as his floating, spirit-like trees. Buildings rise out of the horizon like plants and heavy objects become weightless through the graceful assembly of lines.

Moods and feelings are represented in whimsical sketches and subdued color palettes. At times, he is inspired by music, evident in the playful juxtaposition of colors and shapes.

Ultimately, Hector does art for fun, for himself, and for the world. His choices for life, and not death, light, and not darkness, play, and not struggle, are recurring themes that uplift you each time your eyes rest on his thoughtfully created and handsomely presented pieces.

by Ji Yeon Song

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