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Today I found a couple of great apps, Voxel and PulsArt. I started playing with PulsArt to create 3d reliefs that I saved on the photo folder. Then I started to play with Voxel creating forms with cubes. After a few tests, I deleted the cubes within Voxel and was left with a grid that I saved and opened in Procreate, one of my favorite painting tools with a great smudge tool. Within procreate I brought in one of the images that I previously created in PulsArt and blended the two together. After saving the composition I opened it in snapseed for cropping and to add a little bit of texture and then brought into Pixelromatic to add the background image.

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Pykrete is a composite material made of sawdust and ice. It has the strength and toughness of concrete.(Wikipedia)

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