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Making an over night stop in Las Vegas before heading out to Moab, Utah in the morning.

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I took this photograph at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, California this past weekend. The roller rink, alongside the music of the 70s and early 80s playing in the background. Took me to a hairs breath of less than two decades back in time. All of this fun happened in one rainy Sunday afternoon.

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This photograph is a self portrait of a projection of my shadow onto the pavement. This diptych is an early attempt of telling a story through a sequence of representations of my shadow in time and space. This image was recorded with the iPhone and manipulated with the photogene app.

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Today is one of those perfect rainy days that seem to clear the way on ones road.

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Chica con una camara (Woman with a camera) was conceived from a photo shoot collaboration with my very good friend and photographer Meda I traced her photograph on Adobe Ideas and used a mixture of various apps to create the retro and weathered effect.

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Sunset Junction in Silverlake, California.

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Multiple exposure is a photomontage of a single photograph that I took with the iPhone over this past weekend of an old Vest Pocket Kodak camera model. The image composition was assembled by using inkPad and toned with the snapseed app. The Vest Pocket Kodak camera was produced in 1912 through 1926 by Eastman Kodak Company.

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Walking at a slow pace trying to manage to take a picture of my showdow on the sidewalk, avoiding to run into bystanders and the oncoming crowd. I snapped this photograph with the slowShutter app and with some aid of the photogene app I cropped the image and augmented the contrast.

Steps ahead is a collection of several metaphoric email exchanges and conversations with friends this weekend.

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